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N E W S   R E L E A S E

  • July 22, 2020 - At it's Annual Meeting on June 22, 2020, the nominations for the Club's Officers and Govenors as submitted on the Regular Ticket were approved as recommended. The following members were elected to serve:

    A one-year term:
    President: Brian Spiller, Director Commercial Development, Pioneer Railcorp
    First Vice President Gretchen Chamberlain, Director of Business Development, Marion Hill Associates
    Second Vice President A.J. Pantoni, Director - Industrial Brokerage, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

    A two-year term as Governor:
    Charleen Foster, Domestic Logistics Coordinator, ELG Haniel Metals
    J. Alex Lang, Vice President of Equipment & Technology, Carload Express
    Matthew Pavlosky, Public Relations Manager, Port of Pittsburgh Commission
    George Petrus, Account Manager, Colona Transfer L.P.
    Cecelia Ann Poister, Retired, Manager - Cargo, Allegheny County Airport Authority

    And a one-year term as Governor
    William E. Porter IV, Retired, Ingram Barge Company

    The newly-elected Officers and Governors will join the following Governors beginning the second year of their term:
    Thomas R. Bakin, Senior Contracts Specialist, Westinghouse Electric Co.
    Patricia O. Cox, Truck Pricing Supervisor,US Steel Logistics
    Stephanie Hayes, Client Delivery Manager, Transwide North America
    Daria A. Schwartz, Sr. Manager - Dry Cargo Sales, Ingram Barge Company
    Outgoing President, Joshua T. Brooks, will continue to serve on the Board, ex officio.

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