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Club Officers

Brian K. Spiller
Director - Commercial Development
Pioneer Railcorp

First Vice President
Gretchen Chaimberlain
Director of Business Development

Marion Hill Associates, Inc.

Second Vice President
A.J. Pantoni
Director - Industrial Brokerage
Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis


Thomas R. Bakin
Senior Contracts Specialist
Westinghouse Electric Co.

Matthew S. Pavlosky
Public Relations Manager
Port of Pittsburgh Commission

Patricia O. Cox
Logistics Service
U.S. Steel

George Petrus
Account Manager
Colona Transfer LP

Farleen Foster
Domestic Logistic Coordinator
ELG Metals, Inc.

Cecelia A. Poister
Retired, Allegheny County
Airport Authority

Stephanie Hayes
North American Implementation Consultant
Alpega Group

William E. Porter IV
Ingram Barge Company

Alex Lang
 Vice President - Equipment & Technology
Carload Express, Inc.

Daria A. Schwartz
Senior Manager - Dry Cargo Sales
Ingram Barge Company

ex officio
Joshua T. Brooks
Logistics Analyst, Carbon Materials and Chemicals
Koppers, Inc.


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